A List of Free Classified Sites.

View Classifieds, Buy and Sell, and Trading Sites by Country.

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Last Updated: 2012-Oct-16 - Added India classified site

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list of classifieds sites
Enamul offers a list of free Classifieds sites as well, if you are searching for even more websites.
Indian Classifieds
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Why a Classifieds Directory?
The idea of creating a directory of classified sites was born out of the rising "supply" of such niche sites in the online market. Because there are many stores, businesses, and even individuals out there relying on the Internet (specifically buy / sell sites) to drive sales, we thought of creating a one-stop website for them to easily find out how to improve their marketing campaigns. The sites are categorized on a regional basis for the benefit of those who prefer to sell locally. On the other hand, global businesses, such as staffing solutions providers and other BPO-related suppliers, can simply go through their main targets and post on various sites per country.

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